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This is us. 4 adventurers on a new adventure…

We thought we should introduce Team AB properly. So WHY Adventure Boy? Well. Inspired by our spirited little boys and a love of the outdoors. And spurred on by wanting to dress our little ones in something that meant a bit more, that was unique, that was sustainable, that celebrated being kids and going on adventures. That wasn’t predictable. That wasn’t fast fashion or blue for boys, pink for girls. But is, instead, really good quality, thoughtfully designed, sustainably sourced and packaged clothing and accessories for all adventurers. Boys and girls. Mums and Dads. Clothing and accessories for adventurers who love the world around them. At the absolute core of everything we design is the spirit of adventure 💙 Below you can meet each of us – hopefully you will see where our inspiration for AB came from.

Never stop adventuring. Just don’t forget the snacks. 
Team AB xx


Adventure Mum. Emma… lover of period dramas. Give me a glass of wine and some Jane Austen and I’m happy!! Bit of a history geek generally to be honest. I was a history teacher for 10 years. Could talk about the Tudors for hours. Ask my husband 😂 Have to be outside for at least some of my day. Get a bit stir crazy stuck inside 4 walls. Love a good walk by the seaside. Bit of a thing for coats and boots. Can you really ever have too many coats though? Love love love words. Ultimate way to spend the rest of my days would be to write travel books. Or maybe historical novels?! (After running Adventure Boy obviously) One of 3 sisters. To this day we can finish each other’s sentences without even thinking. Gary always says it’s a bit like witchcraft; the cheek. Raised in Devon, with many an afternoon spent at the beach post-school. Could not be more delighted that we are back in Devon to bring up our gorgeous little boys. The idea for Adventure Boy came, in fact, from our Devonian adventures with our eldest, Henry (also in the pic). He has never stayed still for more than a minute. He is the very spirit of adventure. And the reason I generally fall asleep by 9… Hello and welcome to Adventure Boy!


Adventure Dad… Gary. The design talent. Massive American Sports fan. Quite fancies himself as a basketball all star that just didn’t get spotted!!! Huge music fan. Can name songs and artists like an encyclopaedia (which is good because whilst I know what I like I can never remember the name of anything?!) We met when we went for the same interview when I was just 18. Romance was clearly in the air 😂 He got the job. I’ll never quite get over that… although we did end up both being offered roles. Fate was clearly on our side. This guy is patient and kind. He puts up with my insanity and is genuinely one of those good guys. Bit OCD about typography and fonts… but then he is a designer so I’ll let him off. He has made our dream of Adventure Boy a reality with his awesome designs. So really the font obsession has been a good thing. 


So it’s the original Adventure Boy. Our little (getting very big actually) H. The original inspiration behind adventure boy. This kid is a legend. He has more energy than anyone I have ever met. He loves the outdoors – and needs it frankly. He runs, he climbs, he jumps. He’s a proper explorer. He likes to know things. At times this is utterly exhausting – you know how kids like to ask all the questions???!! He is sport mad. Wants to play football for Tottenham and basketball for the Golden State Warriors when he’s older. And rugby part time for England. I’ve tried to explain this will mean quite a commute but he’s adamant. Born on his daddy’s birthday. They are absolute peas in a pod – maybe that’s the reason?! His face brightens my day to be honest. I just wish I could keep up with him… 🖤


The smallest member of the team. Little Ralph. Our Christmas baby. Arrived on his due date 9 days before Christmas which gave me just enough time to finish the wrapping that year!! And in the blink of an eye he is now TWO! He is bundle of joy, as any good Christmas present should be. Happiest in wellies, carrying a stick in one hand and a train in the other. We always jest that we should #bemoreralph but to be fair he does seem to have it sussed! Being two is just the best. It means getting away with pretty much everything because you’re so so cute, and snacks a-plenty to keep you happy when there are other things that need to be done. A second little adventure boy. As much in love with the outdoors as his big bro. Also a runner. Very often found with muddy knees. And a stick that would take your eye out. He’s a cracker.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the intro’s to who we are and where Adventure Boy comes from. We love our little brand so much and can’t wait to share the new stuff we have in store. Have an adventure filled week everyone 🖤

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Happy Adventuring!  Emma and the Adventure Boys xx