Let’s have an Adventure

So with school closures confirmed and the possibility of a number of weeks with children at home, we thought we would try and help in a small way by putting together some easy go-to ideas for adventures with your little ones.  All designed to offer variety to your day or week, and most importantly keep … Read more

Autumnal Adventuring

It was 0 degrees when I took H to school this morning. Naturally he was still in shorts and t-shirt, and leisurely walking to the car as if it were, in fact, a balmy 20.  I, on the other hand, was acutely aware that we are entering Winter, and as such have mentioned to everyone … Read more

Autumn was made for Adventure

I won’t lie, I dragged my heals a bit when it came to accepting that Summer was over and Autumn had arrived.  It is not that I don’t like Autumn.  Actually I think it is probably the most beautiful of the seasons.  It is just that I really love Summer.  The long days, light evenings, … Read more

Lessons in adventuring with children

Watching the little beans playing on the beach on a recent weekend adventuring in Cornwall, it definitely struck me how sometimes, simple is best. Mine love nothing more than freedom and being outside. Free to move, run, laugh, explore, build, play, go a bit wild. Simple is good. All round. However, there is definitely an … Read more

Dreaming of summer

A photo popped up on Time Hop today of our holiday in France 3 years ago.  3 years?  How did that happen?  It is a gorgeous shot of our little blondie, before the ties of school and school holidays, when he was still properly little, he didn’t know about football (!!) and we were free … Read more

Time (and bubbles)

I read an article last week about how important it was to give our little ones time. And most specifically time outside. We try to do that as much as we can. They are definitely little boys who like being outdoors rather than in. And it is very much our natural inclination to go out … Read more

Adventures in the woods

Adventures in the woods are, without doubt, one of our favourites. If you were to ask Henry for his top 3 adventure days out I am certain this would feature… In fact more often than not if I say we have a free day and give him free choice, or ask him for ideas on … Read more


Please be aware due to the current lockdown situation orders are currently taking up to 14 days to be delivered. Happy Adventuring!

Emma and the Adventure Boys xx