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Adventures in rain-dodging

Wow has it rained a lot.  I cannot begin to imagine how it has been for those worst affected by the rain and the flooding that has followed.  It must be devastating. 

It has seemed like a long Winter, and I am just so looking forward to Spring, as I am sure we all are.  Some more fresh air, plenty of opportunities to get the boys outside and, most importantly, burning off their abnormal levels of energy.  

We have had serious fun and games trying to dodge the rain.  It is not that we don’t go outside when it is wet.  Ralph literally loves nothing more than jumping in puddles and sitting in mud.  True story.  Plenty of photographic evidence for this one, which I will show him when he is older. 

But it is harder in the rain, especially when they are little.  You want to let them run wild and free but equally you don’t want them to get soaked through, get ill or have to stain-wash every item five thousand times because they are all covered in mud!  You see now why a lot of our children’s adventure designs are in navy!!! 

We seem to have a real knack for arriving somewhere and it suddenly pouring with rain.  Normally just after it has been all sunshine and sunglasses on the journey!  SO many epic fails in this particular area. 

Still, we have managed to adventure.  Here are some of my favourite things about adventuring in the winter (and some of the irritations obviously).

Here’s to Spring time adventures very soon…

Winter Adventures

  • Welly boots are literally the answer to EVERYTHING 
    • It’s so muddy! No worries put your wellies on
    • But it’s raining.  No problem, put your wellies on
    • My feet will get wet.  No problem my friend.  Wellies on. 
    • I want to paddle in the sea. Wellies. 
    • I will only wear shorts Mummy. Don’t fret, the wellies have got your back.
    • The list goes on.  I bloody love wellies. Chuck them in the car and go on an adventure
  • A lot of the best adventures in Winter are free (if you are willing to get outside and messy)
    • There is literally no joy greater than that of jumping in a puddle, shouting SPLASH and getting wet when you’re 2. It is a fact.
    • Mud, sticks, leaves, stones…all widely available if you can get outside in between the downpours.  And they are even more fun for mini adventurers in the wet, squelchy mud it seems to me. 
  • You can totally get away with a ‘coffee and cake’ reward when you have been tramping around in the rain and mud for a couple of hours.  It is, I think we can all agree, an actual contractual agreement 
  • Dodging the rain can actually become quite an amusing game really.  If you find somewhere fun to shelter obviously.  You can turn it in to a bit of a competition, a ‘rate the shelter’.  Goes down a storm with the little ones. Less fun if you are indeed stranded on a shelter-less beach or in the middle of a field.  Clearly.
  • Den building. I cannot tell you what a win this has been this winter.  Hands down one of the best Christmas presents, and such a fab thing to do in winter – wrap up, build your den and they can still enjoy the outdoors even if it is a bit damp. 
  • Layers.  I do love a bit of winter layering.  Sweatshirts, boots, scarfs, coats.  All well and truly up my street. The boys hate it and would much rather I allowed them to stomp about in shorts and t-shirts… but comfy winter wear is fab in my mind.  Covers up the bits I hate to have to let loose in the Summer!

Don’t get me wrong I am a sunshine, fresh air kind of girl.  And I cannot wait for Spring and all the adventures it brings.  But I decided it was good to see Winter as an adventure too.  The boys have made the most of it and I think that’s the way to be!

Adventures in rain-dodging
Team AB. Winter-style.

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