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You have found our little corner of chaos in the world that is being parents to boys (nervous laughter…) We are Gary and Emma, Designer and Teacher, Husband and Wife, parents to our own little Adventure Boys Henry and Ralph. Founders of the Adventure Boy Shop and Blog.  Awesome clothes and accessories for little adventurers on big adventures. 

Our little blondies with blue eyes are absolutely full of beans (you know the stuff…’never ending energy’). They want to travel in space, fight a T-Rex and get lost on safari. We want to help them do all of those things. We want to make their horizons as broad as they can be, encourage them to dream big, get lost on safari with them, encounter black bears, live to tell the tale. Adventure Boy is the result – a place dedicated to really inspiring pieces for little adventure boys and girls. From bedroom to the great outdoors.

Increasingly frustrated by the sea of baby blue in stores and online, and uninspired by the same old stuff out there for boys, we decided on an adventure of our own – a place for parents, like us, of little beans who love adventure. A place where we all get to share thoughts and ideas and feel inspired, where you can select items and gain inspiration for the most adventurous of bedrooms, the coolest of ‘kit’, the stuff of big dreams. A world of adventure for your adventurers.

Everything is carefully crafted and designed by us personally, to ensure total awesomeness with a focus always on the reason for all of this; little boys and girls on big adventures. We hope you find the adventure you and your little ones are looking for.

"They want to travel in space, fight a T-Rex and get lost on safari"
"Everything in the shop is designed in the spirit of adventure.  This is about kitting our little adventurers out with stuff that means a bit more, that will give them a new mantra as they grow, that anything is possible, be it mountain, space or sea. Stay wild my child. Never stop adventuring."
About Adventure Boy
Founder of Adventure Boy


Please be aware that orders are currently taking up to 14 days to be delivered (they may be quicker).  Happy Adventuring!

Emma and the Adventure Boys xx