Adventures of an 18 month old

I absolutely adore the age Ralph is at now.  18 months, pretty fearless to be honest, a laugh that I want to bottle up and keep forever (and maybe even sell – I think I could make millions) and the best view of the world you can get; “It is all for the taking and … Read more

End of term adventuring (surviving)

It honestly feels like this particular summer term is going on FOR. EVER. I have tried to keep it on the down low that most others schools seem to have already finished.  It is hard enough convincing the 7 year old that getting up, getting dressed, brushing teeth AND putting on shoes is a good … Read more

Boys love hugs

My boys love hugs.  Good flippin’ job because they are my absolute favourite things. H has loved a big bear hug since he was small and R is definitely following in big bro’s footsteps.  His current favourite is actually kissing which is, frankly, adorable so I am also enjoying this very cute phase whilst it … Read more

Lessons in adventuring with children

Watching the little beans playing on the beach on a recent weekend adventuring in Cornwall, it definitely struck me how sometimes, simple is best. Mine love nothing more than freedom and being outside. Free to move, run, laugh, explore, build, play, go a bit wild. Simple is good. All round. However, there is definitely an … Read more

Weekend Adventures in Cornwall

We absolutely love adventuring in Cornwall.  It is hands down one of our favourite locations for a family adventure, and we feel very lucky to live as close as we do, and be able to head down for a quick weekend trip.  This one included 3 generations, live music, lots of exploring, pasties, ice creams … Read more


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Emma and the Adventure Boys xx