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End of term adventuring (surviving)

It honestly feels like this particular summer term is going on FOR. EVER.

I have tried to keep it on the down low that most others schools seem to have already finished.  It is hard enough convincing the 7 year old that getting up, getting dressed, brushing teeth AND putting on shoes is a good idea every morning.  Let alone if he knows lots of other people aren’t doing these things and rushing off to school.  Clearly everyone gets dressed and brushes their teeth regardless of holidays, but you know what I mean.  It is the rush and the general morning stress that gets me.

But even without him knowing, you can sense he has had enough, frankly. He loves school and has had a fab year.  But he is so ready for a break from the routine.  He needs setting free. I can see it in his eyes.  And I can definitely sense it in his mood. A little bit on the edge shall we say. One minute sweetness and light and Mummy’s absolute best bud.  The next an emotional wreck on the verge of packing a bag and leaving home.  You know the end of term emotional scenes.  Hot, tired, in need of a different pace. Until a few years ago I was a teacher, and I could never get over just how much everyone looked like they were running on empty come those last weeks…you can literally see it, in both staff and children alike.

Take yesterday for example. We don’t have anywhere to be after school on a Monday.  No clubs, just the 3 of us to do whatever we like.  Sometimes that means adventures in front of a movie to be honest. Sometimes it means heading to the beach.

Yesterday we headed to our local National Trust garden at Killerton to play outside in the fields.  The adventure bit was fab – we walked, we saw cows, we played tennis, we ran races, Ralph got covered in mud, Henry tried to teach himself how to serve aces. Trouble was I then got to my limit – it was hot, we needed to go home for dinner, I had to go out later on in the evening.  This was the survival part… H did not agree that home time was a good idea, R did not want to get back in the pushchair. And then the cows that had been miles away were now covering the field where we had to walk back to the car.  Now I love animals but walking through a field of cows gives me the heebie-jeebies to be honest. Long story short, we argued about going home, we walked a very long way round to get back to the car, I was a sweaty mess by the time we got there.

End of term adventuring (surviving)
Bit like watching Wimbledon…

Maybe I shouldn’t expect so much?  It is the end of term after all, and just getting in to school is a total adventure and nothing less than ultimate survival, so an outing to play tennis was perhaps as a step too far?!

So whilst H is definitely in need of a break and is sensing he should already have finished, I feel a bit miffed myself to be honest.  People have started their summer adventures and we are still slogging it out.  I know I shouldn’t moan, it is only a couple of days away – I can almost feel the joy we are going to briefly experience on Friday when we don’t have to rush out and I don’t have to get uniform ready for a delightful 6 weeks.  Just before the boredom and desperate need for snacks sets in obviously…

Happy holiday adventuring everyone. And here’s to surviving (a) the next couple of days if, like us, you are still at school… and (b) to then surviving 6 weeks of juggling work, children and snack provision ;)  It’s always non stop, but honestly I love the summer and the adventure is allows.  So here is to time enough to do it.  Tales and mishaps of Summer adventures coming to the blog over the next few weeks!

Happy adventuring x

Adventure Boy

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