Toddler adventures in lockdown

Toddler adventures in lockdown

Cookie cutters and water beads, and saving my own sanity. Gosh none of this is easy right now is it? Staying at home has lots of positives and time together is a special thing. But with winter and some rough weather, the pressures of home school, jobs, businesses, the house (or the dump as it … Read more

You’re magic you are

You're magic you are

So the 8 year old Adventure Boy is Harry Potter MAD.  He literally talks about it non stop, he can tell you ridiculous facts about it, he knows the films inside out, is reading the books, keeps bugging me for the lego, pretends his little brother is Dobby, and generally is a bit of a … Read more

Let’s have an Adventure

Let’s have an Adventure

So with school closures confirmed and the possibility of a number of weeks with children at home, we thought we would try and help in a small way by putting together some easy go-to ideas for adventures with your little ones.  All designed to offer variety to your day or week, and most importantly keep … Read more

In it together. we are all winging it…

In it together. we are all winging it...

So on the much anticipated (feared/dreaded… however you see it really) supermarket trip this week I made a boo-boo.  Essentially I turned up to to collect a trolley without a £1 coin.  Error.  Silly Mummy. There I was with a 17 month lump on my hip, a rucksack containing the entire world (aside from a … Read more


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Emma and the Adventure Boys xx