Autumn was made for Adventure

I won’t lie, I dragged my heals a bit when it came to accepting that Summer was over and Autumn had arrived.  It is not that I don’t like Autumn.  Actually I think it is probably the most beautiful of the seasons.  It is just that I really love Summer.  The long days, light evenings, the sunshine (some of the time), the more relaxed feel of life in some way.  And flip flops.  Oh I love flip flops. I love having my feet free.  The return to closed toe footwear is a bit of challenge for me.  Should really follow in Ralph’s footsteps.  He actually will not take his wellies off… He is “all in” when it comes to Autumn it seems.

However.  Having said all of this, whilst I was a bit grumpy at first to be so abruptly removed from my little Summer bubble, I am well and truly ready to embrace Autumn and all that it brings.  Why?  Because it is THE most wonderful time for adventure, and the thought of our little Adventure Boys in welly boots and cosy sweaters, stomping about in autumn leaves is, quite frankly, adorable to the point of being ridiculous. 

So here are some of our favourite adventures for Autumn.

Welly Walks

Is there a better adventure than one you do in wellies?  Probably not.  Something as simple as a walk in the woods or to the park or by the sea is made infinitely better by wellies.  Why? It means a big YES to mud, puddles, splashing, and all things messy.  And it is okay because they are doing it in wellies.  Not nice leather shoes you’d rather maintain as still resembling actual shoes.  And you get to be ‘best Mum ever’ because you said yes to mess.  Savour the moment. 

One of our Adventure Boys’ favourites in wellies is counting the number of puddles they can splash in.  Awesome for encouraging them to walk a bit further, and some Maths in the mix too.  Winner.

Ralph is also currently a big fan of silly walks.  Wellies are literally the best for this.  Stomping, jumping, big steps, small steps, walking backwards, sometimes falling over.  All good.

Plus, let’s be honest, don’t they just look the most cute in wellies of all things?!

Autumn was made for Adventure
Wild in wellies


It is the colours of Autumn that I really love. No season can match it for sheer brilliance and comfort.  There is something really wonderful and nostalgic about a walk amongst Autumnal trees. And perfect for little adventurers… collecting different colour leaves and sorting them, counting leaves, collecting and then painting leaves, using them to make patterns, stringing them up like bunting, all awesome ways to enjoy autumn and its beauty. Of course it does also always mean that I have leaves in my pockets, in my car, under the pushchair, in my handbag and occasionally, unfathomably, in my hair.  


Collecting apples and making our own apple juice has become a bit of a thing for our boys.  It is something they have done with my Dad since Henry was small.  We don’t live there now, but in our previous house we had the most wonderful apple trees and the most insane crop of apples every Autumn.  So with an apple press and a whole lot of bottles the tradition ever since has been home made juice.  Personally, I think we should branch out to cider… I will definitely be putting in a request!  

Even without the apple press equipment, stomping about amongst apple orchards is beautiful this time of year and a good way to encourage an interest in growing fruit and vegetables, sourcing local ingredients and making your own.  There are also loads of fantastic ‘apple day’ events at this time of year.  We are off to our local National Trust property this weekend for Apple Day – it is one of our highlights of the season and we can’t wait. Henry tells me he is going to collect the most apples of anyone ever.  Eek.  That could get epic.

National Trusting

On that note, walking and exploring in local National Trust gardens has to be a favourite in the Autumn.  Whilst you can picnic and roll down hills in the Summer, you can also get the very best out of these wonderful places at this time of year.  The gardens and woodlands take on beautiful colours and are an adventurers dream for making dens, playing hide and seek, going on nature trails and collecting leaves and sticks.  

Plus there are often some fantastic autumnal events on, especially in half term or to celebrate ‘Apple Day’.  Our local national trust, Killerton, is a bit like a second home, but there is always a new adventure to be had.  I think that is the timeless joy of these gardens.  It is a way of getting out in the great outdoors in a really accessible, safe way for small children. Plus they have good cake.  So also very accessible and enjoyable for Mummy, after hours spent chasing wild children in muddy wellies.

Wild in the Woods 

I am fairly sure that our love of the woods is evident from previous posts and our pics on instagram.  It has to be said though, that Autumn makes for one of the best times to go in to the woods.  A walk or bike ride is beautiful at this time of year.  There are fab opportunities for den building and outdoor mud kitchens or pretend camp fires… We love packing up some flasks of hot chocolate and some snacks (always with the snacks) and heading for an explore in the woods.  It can be a whole day, it can be a couple of hours.  I actually find it a fab place in the week when it is just Ralph and I.  We will take our wellies and some snacks and have a wander whilst its nice and quiet, go and see the gruffly (obviously) and pick up every stick we see.  Every. Single. One. We have some lovely woods near us, and once you’re parked and on the trail its car free, lovely and safe for little ones to explore independently (no constant arguing about holding hands) and a great way of getting some fresh air, whether it is sunny, raining or indeed just very muddy.  Mostly muddy.  Don’t they just seem to always find the mud??!!

Autumn was made for Adventure
What a playground the woods make…

Happy Autumn Adventuring.  Don’t forget those wellies…

Adventure Boy

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