Reflections on a weekend in a caravan…

Love this boy – and all his energy!

1. Caravans are literally the best thing since sliced bread according to children. Honestly, the most exciting thing ever. Must open and close every door 5 billion times. 

2. There is little sleep to be had. The travel cot took up more room than the architects of said caravan had assumed… the single beds were actually made for something in the size range of mice, maybe rabbits at best…. children never sleep properly because caravans are sooooo exciting (see point one) 

3. Ooh it’s nice stepping outside in the morning when the sun is shining though isn’t it? And there’s no laundry or cooking or cleaning or worrying because you are, in fact, on a mini break and it’s sunny and all is well in the world.     

Beyond happy with life – sunshine and sandy toes…

4. Running up and down the caravan way in to the night is entirely awesome, and not at all annoying for your parents. Do continue children… 

5. The on site facilities are both a blessing and a curse… we spent approximately £3 million in the arcades to win a plastic toy worth £1. BUT it kept big bean entertained for,  like, hours. And he thought Mummy was AMAZING because she’s pretty talented at the 2p machines. 

6. Swimming is overrated according to one year olds. Exciting and perfectly fascinating for 4 minutes. And then horrific and scream-worthy until you’re extracted and allowed to sleep on Mummy at the side of the pool, still in her costume, only allowing her to shower and dry off 1.5 hours later. 

I need sleep Mummy

7. Beaches are actually the best. Little needed aside from sun cream, snacks and a blanket – and hours and hours of fun. We really do love the beach. Aside from the sand. Doesn’t it get everywhere though?

Wide open space

8. Sun hats. On one year olds. Testing to say the least. On off on off on off on off on off… you know the drill… 

9. Tired and cramped though you might be, there are a LOT of laughs to be had on a caravanning break. We have giggled a lot this weekend – and it’s been good for the soul. Especially when Daddy fell off the rubber ring in the pool.

Breaking Mummy’s back…hilarious fun

10. We didn’t plan anything this weekend (normally I am a mega planner… a bit obsessive about plans some might say) but this weekend we just took the days as they came, and it was lovely. Rock climbing, ice cream eating, football playing, seagull avoiding, rock-pooling, super lovely time as a four. Pretty cool.

Exploring at the beach

It was only two nights away but it felt like a proper little break. Just the adventure we needed. If only the caravan had done all of the holiday washing for me before we came home… 

Happy Chappy. Beach and ball = perfect day
Adventure Boy

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