10 things about being one…

It seems to me that being one is pretty darn awesome.

Every day is frankly a riot, adventure is around every corner – be that the toilet, underneath the kitchen sink or in your big brother’s bedroom, all of which contain the most exciting of items from toilet rolls (AMAZING STUFF it would seem) to lego (enough said).

But observing this wonderful little bundle of one year old excitement (and at times rage) has led me to conclude that there are 10 things that seem to be true when you’re one… and whilst one year olds are partial to the odd ‘change of mind’ and indeed public melt down, meaning much of this may need to be taken with a pinch of salt (and maybe even a glass of vino am I right?), I think R and most of his little buds would tick some or all of these 10 on any given day. Wouldn’t change it for the world mind you. It is all part of the adventure (tiring and confusing adventure that it is).

10 things about being one...
Being One
  1. Socks are for fools. Put them on me Mummy, by all means. But give me a teeny moment alone and they will be off, forever lost in the car, pushchair, park, or supermarket trolley, never to be found again.
  2. Dinner time is performance time…and by this I mean you’re at 100% being ‘One’ here people – this is push your parents to the limit time. I love yogurt, I hate yogurt, I can make pasta sauce reach the wall if I want to, I can clamp my mouth shut, type stuff.
  3. Life is actually an emotional rollercoaster. One minute the teddy is hilarious. The next he is the most upsetting, if not maddening thing, to have ever been placed on the earth.
  4. Toys are average. Remote controls, phones, keys, glasses and items put aside for recycling are super totally AWESOME.
  5. Nappy changes are for losers. In fact, don’t even talk to me about nappy changing. I will scream, roll, walk off, run, wee, kick and generally do as necessary to make it really really really tricky for you people.
  6. Decisions are hard to make. Pick me up. Put me down. I like to get up. I like to get down. I love banana. I hate banana. I want the cup. I don’t want the cup. On repeat. Forever.
  7. Walking is the best. I can walk now. I only want to walk now. Where I want to walk, not where you want to walk. My route is normally more dangerous. You’ll just have to keep up. There will be no compromising.
  8. Mummy is hilarious. I will just interject here and say this a favourite on the list. I wish this would last forever, and it didn’t instead be replaced by ‘Mummy is embarrassing’. Right now everything I do is pretty funny to littlest bean – smiling, laughing, dancing, running (rarely), singing (badly), is all hilarious. Win.
  9. 5.30am is the BEST. The birds are singing, the sun is rising, I am up. ‘Why are you crying Mummy? Its time to play. Where’s the recycling?’
  10. Everyone else’s stuff is better. I shall take your coffee, juice, sandwich, cake, lolly, orange, biscuit, steak, chips, evening drink, morning tea…whatever you have Mummy is far more interesting than my own water, sandwich, biscuit, banana etc etc etc. So get used to it; nothing will ever be yours again. Not even your trip to the toilet.

Every day is a winding road… a bit mental and at times ever so testing. But a total adventure. Love my little demanding, recycling-loving, nappy change-hating one year old.

Adventure Boy

2 thoughts on “10 things about being one…”

  1. So very true!
    My littlest one isn’t one yet but I’m with you on everyone of these. Love them though with every beat of my heart.

    Life love and adventure xx


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